MLB on FOX wk 1
MLB on FOX wk 2

Speedshape is going to the majors!

For this Fox Sports project, we teamed up with Leroy & Clarkson on a flexible modular promo toolkit that allows Fox to insert weekly lineups for any of the MLB teams. The promos zoom through the scaffolding of an iconic American baseball stadium at dusk, as the lights and giant screens begin to turn on, showing MLB footage, and casting light on the field. The kits include hand modeled 3D neon and metal signage for each franchise and the spots will be running throughout the 2011 MLB season.

Watching MLB on FOX, we’ll always have the best seats in the house.

AgencyLeroy & ClarksonProducerChandra IrvingCreative DirectorNels DielmanVFX SupervisorConnor Meechan, Roger Prudden
Posted May 9, 2012 to Broadcast.
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Nissan Quest

For the 2011 Nissan Quest LE Microsite, we created the all of the vehicle CGI including the intro animation, walk through and color 360’s. Our design takes the viewer on a quest of his or her own through every detail of the innovative and sophisticated design of the Nissan Quest.

We created the following stills: Aggressive front end design, Bluetooth phone system, 120 Volt Outlet/USB port, Advance Climate Control, XM Nav Weather, Nav Traffic and Rearview monitor, Nissan Intelligent Key w/push button ignition, One touch sliding doors, and One Touch power liftgate.

AgencyCritical MassCreativeNick Sparacino (Account Exec.) , Nicole McMahon (Project Manager), Scott Malo (Motion Designer), Jarrod Corbett (Associate Creative Director)Agency ProducerLilian SooHoo, Dawn GiddingsProduction CompanySpeedshapeProducerJoel Park [DIV]
Posted February 26, 2011 to Featured, Interactive.
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Nissan Leaf

The 2011 Nissan Leaf website we created for Critical Mass showcases this 100% electric, super green ride.

We delivered state-of-the-art videos with alpha masks, optimized for the first Flash-like experience on a non-Flash automotive microsite. Shown in a lush blue infographic environment, each feature hot spot branches out to reveal all the cool features of this car: Interior and exterior stills, plus a 360 view, and an animated Leaf driving in the environment. Nissan Leaf was such a fun car to work with- we didn’t want to leave.

AgencyCritical MassCreativeSr. Acct Mgr: Gerilyn Difatta , Sr. Acct Mgr: Sandy Schadler, Project Mgr: Jackie Sherif, Sr. Project Mgr: Matt ChanProduction CompanySpeedshapeProducerTina Hynous
Posted February 25, 2011 to Featured, Interactive.
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Jeep Wrangler Black Ops Edition

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AgencyAnt FarmAgency ProducerRich KaylorProduction CompanySpeedshapeProducerJoel Park
Posted February 25, 2011 to Broadcast, Featured.
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Ford Explorer Blis
Ford Explorer Trailer

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AgencyTeam DetroitCreativeKim Harris (Art Buyer), Daniel Przekop (Sr. Vice President, Creative Director), Justin Ivey (Art Director)Agency ProducerAndrew AyraultProduction CompanySpeedshapeProducerTina Hynous, Joel Park(DIV Producer)Creative DirectorNels Dielman
Posted February 25, 2011 to Featured, Interactive.
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